Standards of Presence

Sunil introduced the group to standards of presence.  The following are the elements of the standards which the group discussed in detail.  Prior to the session, each of the standards had been assigned to dyads who were invited to prepare a short presentation on one of them.  This proved to be a very valuable exercise in identifying how best to benefit from the OP.  The standards of presence are:

  1. Maintain confidentiality
  2. Adopt a stand for innocence
  3. Practise a positive focus
  4. Connect at a heart level
  5. Claim my experience as my own
  6. Listen deeply with honour
  7. Give only authentic and positive feedback
  8. Fully receive acknowledgement and support
  9. Practise self-care and self-responsibility and allow others to do the same
  10. Be fully present

After the morning session, the Brothers had a half day to explore the local area of Karen and downtown Nairobi.

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