Standards of Presence

The morning prayer, guided by Sister Lynette, focused on the care of the earth and how best we can take positive action to ensure the future of a healthy world.

Then Br Sunil chaired various panels of the Brothers to present the standards of presence (SOP).  SOP is a way of explaining healthy norms for the life of the group for the duration of the Orientation Programme (OP).  The morning dealt with five of the SOPs:

  1. Maintain confidentiality

Acknowledging that the bed rock of confidentiality is trust whatever is shared remains within the context and space it was shared. Trust built on a non-judgmental and positive energy that honours and values the magnificence of each person.

  1. Have an open and ‘innocent’ mind and heart

We are like parachutes…we work when we are open. This involves honouring values of childlike trust, humility, wonder, open eyes and heart, curiosity to learn new things, ask questions and show openness to try new things. This involves having a beginner’s mind and a readiness to engage fully in an experience that can inspire and challenge us. (not suspicious or having a know it all attitude, listening to self  and others, expressing fears from  a childlike stance )

  1. Practice a positive focus

His intention is an invitation to have a positive mindset in relation to persons, situations and learning experiences; looking out for and acknowledging  the positive, expecting positive outcomes, treating others in a positive way by consciously focusing on the strengths of the other and the positive aspects of a situation

  1. Connect at a heart level

It takes us from thinking to a feeling stance, operates from the heart, involves listening and connecting with the heart/feelings, connecting with the other centre to centre, entering into the heart of what is happening and  what is being communicated while upholding values of compassion, empathy from each other. This presupposes getting out of limiting and judgmental mind, taking and accepting persons as they are so that a space is created for persons to honestly share their heartfelt experiences.

  1. Claim my experience as my own.

Connecting with oneself and honouring ones personal experience, making choices that are for my highest good, living responsibly, taking ownership, using I statements while communicating, and making deliberate choices to enter fully in the experience, allowing for self transformation.

In the afternoon, the Brothers engaged in Lectio Divina and then concluded with a Eucharist.


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