After the morning prayer, Donal introduced the personal growth map which the Brothers had been invited to complete.  The first part of the growth map involved S.W.O.T. analysis where the Brothers shared in their community groups what their strengths (S) and weaknesses (W) were.  The then went on to share the opportunities (O) that the OP was offering to each Brother. And then they looked at how they might sabotage the process were they to underestimate the obstacles that they may face over the next twelve week.

Having shared in community groups, the Brothers then came into the large group to discuss some of the difficulties that they could face during their time.  They shared what they hoped to stop doing and what they would do instead.  This proved to be a very useful exercise.

Then in the afternoon, David continued his explanation of centering prayer and prepared the group for the morning’s regular centering prayer community exercise.


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