The First Day – Getting to know you!

Image may contain: 1 person, smilingAlba Rodrigues, a Presentation Sister, is one of the Orientation Programme (OP) team along with Sunil Britto, David Gibson and Donal Kirk.  Alba opened the day with very creative exercises where the Brothers were invited to take a ‘gateway’ card to see what message they needed at the outset of the OP.  The Brothers shared on what they were leaving behind at they began this journey of renewal and also what were their expectations for the programme.

David then introduced the practice of centering prayer as a method of prayer that the Brothers have decided to use each morning at 6.30 before breakfast.

This first day was an important one and one where each Brother came to connect with the other Brothers.  There are twenty-one Brothers on the OP coming from  Australia, England, Ireland, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Zambia.  They will be on the OP for twelve weeks during which they will explore contemporary spirituality, community living, relationships to name just a few of the programmes.  Some of the Brothers will join the clusters of communities already in place in Zambia and India while others will return to their communities in their respective Districts or Provinces.

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