The Jewish-Christian Story

Days two and three, traced the Jewish Christian Story beginning with the Creation Story down through the centuries to the time of Jesus where we tried to see how the Earth was percieved positively in the Christian tradition and scripture texts were explored in the light of Yahweh’s benovolence towards the Earth Community.
The positive ideas of Apostolic Fathers like Ignatius of Antioch, St Ireneus and Clement of Alexandria in relation to the Earth, brought further understanding and appreciation of the Christian Tradition . Francis of Assissi, Ignatius of Loyala, and Hildegard of Bingen were mentioned for their mystical insights into care for the earth and our call to experience the Divine in everything. Teilhard de Chardin’s contribution to this evolving understanding was given a praiseworthy mention. Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, Rosemary Reuther, Miriam Mc Guillis, Mathew Fox Sallie Mc Fague, Fr. Bede Griffiths, Samuel Ryan, Ishwar Prasad, Jerry Rosario, Sebastian Painadath were presented as great thinkers who can inform our thinking and inspire our spirituality today.

The bread and wine ritual around the fire outdoors was a time to share stories of Mother Earth. The outdoor meditations and the rituals in the morning which were creatively led by the Brothers brought further meaning and enrichment to the programme.

What emerged from the two days work was a deeper awareness that:
• “We are all connected.” And in the words of Robert SJ, “We are all cousins to each other.” Hence the great need of promoting a Spirituality of Relationships with the entire Earth and Earth Community.
• The Presence of God permeates everything and hence the need to find God in everything and everything in God.
• Teilhard de Chardin concept that The Big Bang must be seen as the journey from Alpha to Omega and the all-pervading Presence of God now experienced as the Cosmic Christ.

At the end of the third day we were left with the question: Where are we along our unfolding faith journey which was presented in 3 Stages:
1. Popular Christianity
2. Initiated in the new understanding of an emerging cosmology
3. Rebel or Mystic

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