The Leaders and Formators Program

Brothers arrived on 4th January from various parts of the world to take part in the Leaders and Formators Program.  The eMsemi Retreat centre which is a Methodist centre of spirituality, offered a warm welcome to the Brothers. Those attending the program are as follows: from the Congregation Leadership team there is Brothers Hugh O’Neill, Congregation Leader, Albert Gomez from West Africa District, Ted Magee from Oceania Leadership Team, John Ahern from Oceania Province, Julius Oluoch, Postulant Director in Tanzania, Puriey Musunga from South Central District, Michael deKlerk and Clement Sindazi on the Africa Province Team, Revy Hang’andu and Chris Nhete on the South Central District, Daniel Lyimo, Novice Director in Lusaka and Patrick Nuanah on the Novitiate staff in Lusaka , Senan D’Souza from the International Spirituality Centre in Lusaka, Tony Shanahan and George Massay on the East Africa District Leadership, Elton Fernandes, Director of Postulants in India Province, and Michael Burke from Boksburg.

The opening day on 5th January began with a prayer that focused on the season on giving and receiving gifts – very appropriate for the time of Epiphany. The prayer stressed the importance of recognising the power of vulnerability, and the fact that we are all gifts, waiting to enrich the lives of others.

After the prayer, there were general introductions and a moment where the Brothers had the opportunity to express their hopes and expectations for the program.

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