The Missioning Ceremony

Today the Missioning Ceremony of the 5thOrientation Programme  took place when the 15 Brother participants  gathered in the Little Daughters of St. Joseph Retreat Centre along with invited guests.  This was be an important moment for the Brothers when they were being missioned back to their respective countries.

The choir from Edmund Rice School Embulbul opened the ceremony singing Hii ndiyo siko: This is the day which God has made. Let us sing for joy to praise God .

Br Alphas Odoyo welcomed the invited guests and introduced the theme of the ceremony: Go Light Your World.

The choir then sang Christ has no body now but yours to highlight the challenge facing the Brothers who will take an active part in ministry to people, especially those who have been made poor by unjust structures.

Lynette and some of the Brothers enacted the Gospel reading which highlighted the cost of discipleship.

The missioning ritual followed where the members of the Orientation Programme Team anointed the Brother participants as a way of sending them out in mission.

Once anointed, they were presented with a travelling bag with the inscription Journeying Together on it, together with a certificate of attendance presented by Br Tony Shanahan and Br Amandi Mboya from the East Africa District Leadership Team.

Sister Lynette Rodriques invited the guests to give a round of applause for the anointed Brothers.

Brothers Marvin Phiri, Christian Hazeley and Alphas Odoyo then briefly shared the experience of the Orientation Programme and how it had impacted on them.

The blessing ritual followed where each of the Brothers said a blessing prayer for another Brother and presented him with a candle as he said: ‘Go Light Your World!” The Brother then lit his candle and placed it in the centre piece.

As the blessing ritual unfolded, the choir sang: To the Mystery that calls me, I say ‘Yes!” and Sr Lynette called on the invitees to bless the Brothers as they returned to their respective countries.

The Brothers faced the congregation with candle in hand and sang a blessing for the invitees: May vision and truth companion you.  May beauty be in your eyes.  May peace fill your being.  Love hold you close.  Earth give you guidance. Stars give you hope.  Blessing of life to you.

As the ceremony moved to conclusion, Br Ajay Dang from India offered a vote of thanks to all who had been involved in the Orientation Programme.  He expressed the gratitude of the Brothers for all the people who had made the Orientation Programme a moment of transformation for the Brothers.

As the Brother exited together with the guests, the choir sang the final song:  Go Light Your World!

The people then gathered to cut the celebratory cake and partook of light refreshments



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