The Opening Ritual

On Tuesday, 6thAugust, the Brothers from West Africa District gathered in Bo to come together for the second session of the orientation programme, Ndei Liwa(the Core of Brotherhood). The theme of the opening ritual was ‘Regathering to further deepen our brotherhood.

The seven participants together with Francis Hall, Ruvan Rebello and David Gibson met at the entrance gate where Charles Belmoh greeted the Brothers in the traditional style and poured a libation to honour the ancestors.  Peter Kabia welcomed the participants on behalf of the Bo community, and Augustine Williams narrated a mende story to highlight the importance of community. Joseph Gomeh read from the 2018 Ndei Liwa bulletin which aimed to link the second half of the programme with the session of the previous year.

There followed some readings from Luke’s Gospel about the calling of the Disciples and then Charles asked the question “Why have you come?  Each of the participants responded to the question and the ceremony concluded with the Brothers singing Companions on the Journey.


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