The Re-Birthing of God

“The Re-birthing of God”was the title  Senan D’Souza chose for the workshop on spirituality. He based his sessions on material from John Philip Newell, as well as much other material. It proved an inspiring choice as the group was led through familiar themes but opened up in new and creative ways… reconnecting with our journey, spiritual practices, the earth, compassion and love.

A particularly insightful presentation was that on “Stages of Faith”. Based on work by Fowler and Wilber, Senan helped us identify that there are stages of faith, which stage we might each be at and how we see further growth happening. It seemed to help explain why we have some confusion about spirituality among Brothers at the moment.

The final session was a “harvesting” from many rich conversations. Some highlights …

“I came to realise that my inherited images of God have changed … a shift from a punishing God to a relational God”. “I seem to have lost touch with poor people and my spirit of compassion in recent years”. “I’m seeing a ‘bigger God’ present everywhere in the universe”. “My spiritual practices have changed over the years in the Brothers which I’m grateful for”. “How can I move toward an ‘eco’ view which sees all humanity and creation as interdependent, as against an ‘ego’ view where man is dominant?” “I am rediscovering the sacredness of “mother earth” through remembering the beliefs of my grandparents who regarded rivers, mountains and trees as sacred.” “We are all at different stages of faith development and need to respect those at different stages to ourselves. To move to another level requires much selflessness and perseverance. Our CB prayer life is in transition at this time in our history.”

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