The Sacred in Cosmology

The opening session of today’s workshop on Cosmology began with a reflection on the creation mandala as designed by Vincent Busch from the Philippines.  Each of the participants read from the commentary by Vincent Busch.  Then David interviewed Lynette, Tony, Brigit and Donal about their moments of cosmic grace.  This exercise was followed by Brothers filling in their own mandala where they charted the significant cosmic moments of grace in each of their lives.

Then Tony shared the sacred moments of the Sacred and linked this aspect of sacredness with the Trinity.  Tony talked about the divine DNA which is within each of us. The qualities of the Trinity are mirrored in the qualities of the Universe:  diversity or differentiation (Father), communion or inter-connectedness (Jesus), and interiority or essence (Holy Spirit).   The dynamic principles of nature or the universe were then explained and shown how they relate with our stories which are also emerging.  These values or principles can guide us both in our inner and outer journey.

Diversity is so important in our community life where we begin to recognise how different each of us is. Often diversity causes us to struggle with the differences we see in one another.  The challenge is also to recognise the behaviours that may not be acceptable in others and at the same time to acknowledge the essence of people.

In our own inner journey one of the challenges of this principle of interiority is to cross over from ego to essence.  The ego is what we show to others (our masks) while the essence is what we are really like.  The shadow is that part of us that is hidden and which we don’t like.  But we need to befriend our shadow, those parts of ourselves that we need to work on.

The mystery of oneness is the antidote to our differences.  Oneness is the other side of separateness.  Separateness leads us to ignoring the oneness that is in all creation and ignoring the call to relatedness.  The mystery of oneness creates a web of life where everything is inter-connected.








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