The Sustainable Development Goals

The day was devoted to sharing information on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The day was facilitated by Sister Lynette Rodrigues who had been intimately involved in the preparation and drawing up of the SDGs at the United Nations.

Lynette outlined the history of the development of the SDGs, beginning with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and showing how the MDGs focused on the developing world, while the SDGs are more inclusive because of the wider focus – care of the planet.

Lynette stressed that the SDGs came from the grassroots instead of being a top-down process.  Two years of discussion and dialogue preceded the final publication of the SDGs, and each year there is a monitoring and evaluation of some countries to check their progress in implementing the SDGs.

Then Lynette went through each of the SDGs, explaining the implications of them, and outlining the action steps that need to be taken to reach certain targets by 2030. She then distributed SDG cards to each of the Brothers and invited them to review each one and see how they fitted into the social, economic and environmental dimensions.

Lynette stressed the universality of the SDGs, showing how they are all integrated and interconnected as they seek to transform people and the planet.  She pointed out that the SDGs seek Peace, and Prosperity for the Planet and People through Partnership (the 5 Ps)

Finally she divided the Brothers into their various country groups and invited them to reflect on what each country was attempting to achieve the various SDGs.  In addition, she challenged each group to see what they could do at the local level to progress the various SDGs.

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