The Vow of Relatedness

Diarmuid continued his workshop on Religious Life and emerging spirituality by focusing on the vow for relatedness or what was traditionally called the vow of celibacy.  He compared how the vow of celibacy offered a very inadequate approach to this style of life, and how the vow of relatedness provides for a way of life that is positive and enlivening.  Below we see how he compares the two approaches to the vow: 

The Vow of Celibacy                                         The Vow for Relatedness

“The World, the flesh and the Devil”                 The essential relatedness of all life
The joy of marriage                                            New horizons for authentic loving
Sexual fulfilment                                                 Understanding human sexuality today.
All attachments to the body                                 Loving the body in a wholesome way.
Particular friendships                                          Cultivating healthy friendships
False reliance on God via prayer                         Avail of spiritual & psychological help
False attachments                                               Cultivate meaningful solitude.
Childish co-dependence                                      Adult skills to handle love and intimacy.


In the afternoon, David continued his presentation on the charism, based on the work of Diarmuid and stressed the difference between charism and ministry.

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