The Vows

Diarmuid introduced the idea of Religious Life as centres for value radiation where Relgious proclaim a set of values for the wider community and witness to these values on behalf of society. Religious are called to live out in greater intensity the values cherished by all humans in the depths of their hearts.

This idea of value radiation means that there is a shift from the idea of vows being a set of laws that involve giving up, to a set of values. So, the vows are not vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, but rather vows fortaking on mutual responsibility (vow of poverty), mutual collaboration (obedience) and relatedness (celibacy).

Mutual sustainability calls us to Responsible use of material things, reliance on God’s Providence, shared co-responsibility, non-exclusive ownership, live simply . . .Live lightly on Earth, the foundational giftedness of everything, invoking adult interaction.

Mutual collaboration calls us to communal co-responsibility, self-sacrifice for the common good, a culture of mutual collaboration the weighty responsibility of group discernment, skills for responsible adult communication, resources for adult mutual discernment and mission accountability for the sake of the community of empowerment.

Diarmuid showed how mutual sustainability is premised on a world of abundance where there is enough for everyone and mutual collaboration involves a shift from hierarchy to holarchy as well as a move from competition to collaboration.


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