Theological Reflection and Harvesting

Today the Brothers experienced theological reflection in small groups.  This spiritual practice involves a person taking a significant event that they experienced in the recent past.  In this case, the Brothers took various aspects of the experience of their visit to Kibera slum. Taking the experience, the Brother shared on how the experience affected them emotionally.

Then the rest of the small group offered a biblical text, or an image or an incident in the life of Edmund Rice that shed light on their sharing.  The Brother who shared noted down these contributions and then went away to reflect further on their experience with the additional material he received from the group.

Having spent some time alone, the Brothers gathered again to share the fruits of their reflection, and identified some action steps they wished to take as a result of the theological reflection.

The second session of the morning involved a process of harvesting of the learnings that the Brothers gleaned from the various inputs of the past week.

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