Vibrant and Cohesive Communities

Creating Vibrant and Cohesive communities


We started to create community using a useful framework called “Standards of Presence” (adapted from The Foundation for Inspired Learning). Two ‘standards’ stood out … “Be fully present” and “Practice self care and self responsibility”. These have now become targets for the four weeks ahead of the Ndei Liwa program.

Our community building continued by working on an On-site Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection document for the Ndei Liwa Program, Bo Formation Centre to operate during the program. We were able to take on board the latest thinking and documents from the Congregation and the Church.

David then led a lively session on Generative Conversations based on the processes from Matthieu Daum. We agreed to try and practice the techniques during the weeks to come.

Last year during Ndei Liwa Phase 1 David introduced Transactional Analysis and it proved highly profitable. Now he turned his attention to how to create “cohesive and vibrant” communities.

We named what we wanted from the workshop:

To learn new leadership skills and the best style of leadership for community building and in ministry; to learn what adult leadership is about in trying to facilitate compassionate communities; to Identify what might be missing from my community life now; to manage myself when my community is NOT cohesive and vibrant; to relate with Brothers I feel negatively towards in a non-judgemental way.

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