Workshop on Edmund Rice

The morning prayer was based on reflections on the life of Edmund Rice in preparation for Chris’ workshop on the same topic.

Chris invited the Brothers to think of three qualities that they associated with Edmund Rice. When each Brother had reflected on the qualities,  they formed table groups to come up with some agreed qualities which they then shared in the plenary session.  Some qualities  that were not mentioned were then introduced and the session ended with Chris presenting some quotations attributed to Edmund Rice.

Following the first session the Brothers engaged in an exercise where they were invited to link about fifty dates with events that had happened on those particular dates…this proved to be both challenging and fascinating as Brothers discussed the history of the Congregation.

Then in the afternoon, the Brothers were invited to read some accounts of various moments in the life of Edmund and discuss the importance of these events in shaping the life of Edmund Rice. Thus, concluded the first day of the workshop.


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