Workshop on Feedback


The workshop on Feedback, facilitated by Donal and David,  straddled the Friday and Saturday programme.  This workshop proved to be invaluable in raising the issue of how best to point out difficulties in the behaviour or performance of a fellow Brother.  The session began where Brothers shared their experiences of being criticised by another person in community – often the leader – and how very frequently the way criticism is given does not result in the growth of the person.

Next, the workshop offered the Brothers the opportunity to outline the value of feedback when given in an elegant manner, and dangers of it when done awkwardly or aggressively.  In addition, the group discussed the danger of not giving feedback when it is called for.

This session was followed by a presentation on how to give feedback which led to a lively and interesting discussion on the do’s and don’ts of giving feedback.

The group was then divided in triads where one member became the person giving feedback to a receiver, and the process was observed by the third person who gave feedback to the giver and receiver.

Finally, the group was given a presentation on the need for support and challenge in the process of feedback.  Challenge without support leads to resentment and withdrawal, while support without challenge often leads to stagnation and the promotion of the status quo.

After the workshop on feedback, the group had the opportunity to reflect on the learnings of the week which they shared in the open forum.



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