Our projects will be primarily based on Community Engagement Approach. The Community Engagement Approach entails an involvement with people made poor in a way that is respectful and empowering. Community Engagement involves people concerned in every step of the process and nothing is done without their input and approval. Adopting “Community Engagement” promotes development through building the capacity of a local community to provide the solutions for its problems and situation, both social and environmental.

Community engagement means that the Brothers will seek to facilitate the people of the area in identifying their needs, instead of going into the area with plans already made as to what the Brothers think the needs are. So, the projects that the Brothers will be engaged in are not known at present, but these projects will become evident after careful and respectful dialogue with the local people.

The presence of the Brothers among the people made poor will give them insights about the causes of poverty and injustice. This would create the opportunity for the Brothers to work together with local communities and other groups to create or support campaigns for justice. Such campaigns could often take the form of engaging in advocacy at the local level, challenging the systemic causes of injustice from the first-hand experience of living with people made poor.