Presence calls us to be with people in a way that is healing and transforming. Being present means that we are prepared to shift the focus of our attention from ourselves and concentrate on the other person. By being present, we offer to people a gift of personal encounter that honours the goodness of the other. Presence allows us to see our neighbour, friend or poor person as they are, and offers them a moment of close encounter.


 Compassion breaks our hearts open to see the pain and suffering of others. When we are compassionate, we feel with and for others in a way that moves us to action. By being compassionate, we reach out to those who are in need and extend our concern for their plight. Compassion places us in a position where we understand what others may be suffering, and our concern for them can be a transforming moment in their lives.


 Liberation is a value that many people in our world lack. Those who are poor, those who are treated unjustly and those who find themselves caught in a web of injustice often feel trapped and without hope. Unjust structures and gross inequality maintain a society that ignores the cries of the poor. Liberation is one of the values that the Christian Brothers seek to offer people who experience the limiting forces of life and society. By working for liberation, we seek to create a world that is more just and more loving. An essential element in the process of liberation is the call to advocacy where people feel empowered to voice their outrage at the injustice that is far too prevalent.