Our Way into the Future is based on three aims: to commit to a spiritual search for God in the day-to-day events of life, to form vibrant and cohesive communities and to engage with people made poor in a way that is empowering for the people at the margins of our society.

The Spiritual Search
As Brothers we commit to seek a God who is within us and within the whole of creation. We recognise that this God cannot be defined in simple terms and yet this God is a reality that we embrace with faith and hope. We recognise that the God of Jesus Christ is also the God of Buddha, Vishna and has many other incarnations. As we draw closer to this God, we also draw closer to all spiritualities that seek the same God.

Vibrant and Cohesive Communities
The word ‘brother’ is a relational word. It recognises the importance of the (br) other, realising that we only grow when in relationships with others. As we commit to form communities, we commit to reach out in love to each other in a way that is transforming for all involved. In a world torn by war and strife, the call to create vibrant and cohesive communities could not be clearer.

People Made Poor
When Edmund Rice looked out the window of his comfortable house, he saw destitute children outside, playing and fighting and without any hope of rising above their poverty. So, he moved out of his house and began to dedicate his life to people made poor. Today, the Christian Brothers want to rekindle his vision by reaching out to people made poor, and engaging with them in a way that empowers them to rise above their poverty.