Governance of the new communities

PIC: Fr. Kevin Ward leading the morning mass. 

The morning began with the celebration of the Eucharist by former Brother Kevin Ward who had been invited by the Brothers to celebrate the Eucharist.  This was a moving moment for Kevin as he met the Brothers in a liturgical setting for the first time.

The morning’s work dealt with the governance of the new cluster, outlining the roles and responsibilities of each of the participants involved in Journeying Together:  the PLT, the TST, the Hub community, and the Board of Management.  This offered the Brothers the opportunity to discuss the roles of each of the participants.  The session was facilitated by Sr Aurea Dias and presented by Sunil Britto with the assistance of David Gibson and Gussy Jairaj.

Then the next session dealt with the MOU that had been drawn up between the host Province (India) and the Provinces or Districts that would send Brothers to the cluster.  Following the presentation of the MOU, there followed a lively discussion on various elements of the agreement between the two parties.

Overall, this was a valuable morning’s work, and the recommendation from the Brothers was that this presentation could have been presented earlier in the OP so as to inform the Brothers what they were committing to.



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