5th Day of the Jesus Seminar

The morning prayer took the theme of inclusion by way of introducing the same theme for the final day of the workshop on a Contemporary Understanding of Jesus.

The group began discussing the theme of meals in the New Testament. The various groups were invited to identify the various meals as narrated in the gospels and to discover the various aspects of these meals. The group examined who were present at the meals, leading to the insight that Jesus was very committed to include everyone, and especially those who were considered to be at the margins. The meal often is the place where there is established a new world order, where the people at the margins become part of the wider society. Meals were crucial moments of conversion especially for those who had been marginalised.

The session then went on to examine the elements of the Last Supper as outlined in the Synoptics. Three aspects of this meal were highlighted:
• New beginnings
• Sustenance on the journey
• Solidarity together

Then the group studied the account of the last supper in John’s gospel where the meal was omitted and instead there was the washing of the feet to stress the idea of service on one another.

The group was then invited to share on their experience of Eucharist both within their families and in their parish community.

The morning concluded with groups preparing a simple liturgy of the Eucharist and celebrating the Eucharist in a creative way.

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