A Day Away

On Saturday, February 10, the Advanced Skills Training program enjoyed an outing to the spoke community in Senanga.  Brother Chris Meehl borrowed a passanger van from the Cheshire Homes for girls, conducted by the Presentation Sisters, and the ten Brothers of the Program filled the van to capacity.  The road to Mongu is very difficult, with so many dangerous potholes that the van just inches along, a fifteen minute trip lasting thirty minutes.

But once beyond Mongu the road becomes very drive-able and the scenery is lush, with magnificent trees, extensive grasslands and tiny villages.  A ninety minute ride brings us into view of the important Zambezi River, and a few miles beyond lies Senanga.  Brothers Steve Sithali and Rohan d´Souza greeted the travelers with coffee, soda pop and biscuits, and after a time of meeting new Brothers and conversation, the group moseyed out to the banks of the Zambezi, where five of the Brothers alighted two tree trunk canoes to enjoy a cool trip across the water, paddled by the local canoe owners.

Afterwards, the group walked half a kilometer to the Safari Lodge, where they enjoyed the beautiful grounds and views of the Zambezi, and settled down to a delicious lunch pre-ordered by Chris and Rohan.  What a nice way to get off the pastoral center property and see something new!

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