Applying MBTI to communication, conflict and change


 Moy Hitchen arrived today. In the picture he is being welcomed by the group with the blessing of light.

Thus concludes the three-day workshop on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator run by Sunil.  Today the Brothers, armed with their personality profile, explored in more detail what that profile tells them about how they think, feel and behave.  It allows them also to understand how others see reality, interact with people, make judgements and plan for the future in their unique individual way.  By seeing the differences in the community members, the hope is that compassion, acceptance and understanding can transform communities into places of compassion, gentleness, intimacy and love…not an easy challenge, but one worth striving for.  At the conclusion of the workshop, the Brothers were delighted with the personal insights they had gained and felt confident that they had an aid to growth in interpersonal relationships and in creating vibrant and cohesive communities.

     One of the sessions had various groups discussing how the various dyads (Thinking/Feeling etc.) managed communication, conflict and change.  This session was particularly useful for imagining how communities will ensure harmony and effectiveness.

     Towards the end of the morning, the Brothers received a summary of their personality type and had the opportunity to share how they felt about the accuracy of the account, and what surprised them.  This sharing gave the Brothers the opportunity to reflect further on the type that they identified for themselves. 

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