Becoming aware of the games we play in community


PIC: Bipin the birthday boy cutting the cake

The morning prayer offered the Brothers an opportunity to reflect on the qualities of community living:  openness, sharing, loving, giving strokes among many other qualities that were mentioned.  This prayer was particularly relevant given that the workshop being held over the last five days was seeking to support the creation of vibrant and cohesive communities.

   The morning’s session was about the tendency among us all to discount the significance of problems, and solutions to problems that face Brothers in community.  How often we fail to acknowledge difficulties, and thereby avoiding proactive strategies to resolve difficulties in community.

   The final session of the workshop explored the phenomenon of psychological games that can bedevil community life, or indeed any life.  Psychological games are often played by people who desire intimacy but find that they experience obstacles either to express intimacy or to be open to receive gestures of intimacy.  The workshop created the space for Brothers to understand how best to stop playing psychological games and instead to develop an atmosphere of openness and awareness.

  Thus concluded the workshop on transactional analysis.  The Brothers spent some time sharing on how the workshop had impacted on them, and it appears that TA offered them some very valuable tools with which to deepen the quality of community living.

After dinner, the brothers gathered for the weekly social where we celebrated Bipin’s birthday in anticipation. The cake was cut in the morning during the coffee break. His birthday is on tomorrow, 13rd May. 

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