Celebrating diversity


   The morning prayer offered an interesting reflection based on a TED Talk by Chimamanda Ngosi Adichie, a Nigerian writer, on the danger of a single story.  She shared how people including herself are inclined to stereotype a nation, failing to see the whole picture, and blind to the fact that no nation can be categorized easily.  This was a good insight for us who have travelled to India and see India through the eyes of where we come from. We are challenged to enter into a culture and to understand each culture when we come together.

   Sunil then continued his presentation of the Myers Briggs Type Inventory.  This time he presented the Sensing/Intuition way we take in information, and showing how differently sensing and intuiting prefer to consider new ideas, use their imagination and deal with complexity.  He had already showed yesterday how each of the sensing and intuiting people prefer to deal with information.  Today he introduced the Thinking and Feeling couple which, he explained, demonstrate how we make decisions.  And then he showed how the Judging and Perceiving people manage time and face accomplishing a task. 

   Having therefore dealt with the four dyads of Extrovert/Introvert, Sensing/Intuiting, Thinking /Feeling and Judging/Perceiving, he invited us to look at the questionnaire that we had filled out and discover which of the sixteen types we placed ourselves.  This was an exciting moment, and one that helped us understand differences that will occur in inter-cultural groups.

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