Community and Intimacy



  The centerpiece for this morning’s prayer consisted of two question marks, symbolizing the theme of the week’s workshop: Understanding Self and Others.  What do we know about ourselves, and what do we understand of other people.  As the Brothers are continuing to live together, they are getting in touch with themselves, and with one another at a deep level of communication.

    The theme of today’s work was social interaction or transactions.  The Brothers explored how they can interact from the Parent, Adult or Child ego states, and how they can resolve moments of misattunement by attempting to stay in Adult when others are in their Parent or Child ego states.  In other words, the work of the day was geared to understanding how a community can grow towards a level of intimacy that the Nairobi Chapter called us to.  The Brothers examined how they were living this call now in Shillong, and how they can deepen the level of intimacy by behaviours that encourage such intimacy.  This was a very important moment in the workshop and hopefully will contribute to creating vibrant and cohesive communities. 

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