Conversations on the Proposition

PIC: With a family in Mawrong village

This being Saturday, the Brothers began the morning with a 90-minute check-in where they reviewed the experience of the past week.  They took some personal time first, and then in community groups they shared on aspects of their life that they felt significant for the growth of the community.

Following the check-in, the Brothers had their first experience of what we call, ‘Conversations on the Proposition.’  The idea of this exercise is to both familiarize the Brothers with various aspects of the Proposition, and also to raise significant issues that arise from it.  The first conversation centred on the first paragraph of the Proposition which reads:

 The Christian Brothers Congregation Leadership Team offers the following Proposition to the whole Congregation and hopes everyone will play a part in bringing it to fruition. Every Brother will be affected, and we believe many will find the challenge inspiring.

A lively discussion took place firstly in small groups and then in the open forum.  What emerged from the discussion was that although all Brothers have been invited to join the new clusters, some find it difficult to respond positively to the call.  Needless to say, much more conversations will be required to further tease out the implications of the first paragraph of the Proposition, and then there are another twenty-five paragraphs for discussion.  We won’t be idle over the next twelve weeks!

In the afternoon, a group of eleven brothers visited Mawjrong, where once the Brothers had a community. Theo and David who were once stationed introduced our visiting brothers and it was a joyful and affirming experience.  




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