Engaging with the people in Mukuru slum

PIC: Brs. Edwin  and Melkizedeck doing a survey in Mukuru slum, Nairobi

The last two weeks have been engaging for us in ministry. We are involved in a research ministry trying to assess the effectiveness of the educational and sponsorship programmes at Ruben centre. The research is also trying to get views from the locals about a possible construction of a public secondary school at Ruben centre. This activity targets former students from the years 2012-2016.

We are a team of five  involved in the research . The other three members are former students of African Education Fund (AEF), a Japanese NGO project and they are really helpful in trying to track our target group.  We are also indebted to Br. Frank O’Shea who has accorded us full support in terms of resources and ideas.

As a team we are applying two methodologies to try and achieve our objectives. Firstly, we are engaging in door to door interviews of former students or their parents. We move around Mukuru slum tracking these individuals and letting them fill a questionnaire. Secondly, on the 4th of Feb we invited former students and/or their parents to Ruben centre for an information day and fun day. This was to try and get more information even on those who might have passed on or moved from Mukuru. Both methods are proving to be yielding good results.  So far we have interviewed 314 individuals out of 928 students who passed through AEF between 2012-2016.

We are looking forward to the coming six weeks in ministry. The experience is deep and touching. Apart from engaging in the research we also get chance engage, interact and visit the locals and through these we are also evangelised and challenged into living a more simple lifestyle.

Brs. Edwin Wekullo and Melkizedeck Musamia ,East Africa District (They have volunteered for the second OP in India and are currently on their Placement experience)

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