What We Experienced during the Placement in Cebu

PIC: Moy at Tapol Dumpsite

Between Jan 9 and Mar 31, we experienced the following placement situations:

  • Dumpsite Dwellers – visits to three major rubbish dumps around Cebu City and the communities living on or beside them.
  • Resettlement Villages – visits to three major resettlement villages for people formerly living in urban slums and as scavengers on dumpsites.
  • Urban Slum Dwellers – visits (by day and night) to slums around Cebu City.
  • Street Children – connections through mobile schools, drop-in centres and feeding programmes;
  • Women working as Prostitutes – visits to sites (streets & bars) in and around Cebu City and Mandaue City where the women worked.
  • Prisoners – visits to two jails in Cebu City and Mandaue City, with young men (14 – 17 yo) and women prisoners.
  • Badjao Community – visits to Indigenous community living on the margins of Cebu City
  • Drug Addicts – sharing sessions of Narcotics Anonymous with young men in jail, young women, and female prisoners.
  • Women recovering from exploitation – visits to three centres of a staged rehabilitation for girls and women, trafficked, drug addicted, and/or prostituted.

Placements were supervised by SVD Community, JPIC-IDC (run by SVDs), PBVM Sisters, SSpS Sisters and SGS Sisters.

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