Exploring the Congregation Story and OWITF

PIC: Peter Dowling presenting a session on the Congregation Story

11th and 12th Aug

On Saturday morning Peter Dowling led the group in reflecting on the Congregation story and OWITF.  The opening prayer brought us to Moses at the burning bush receiving his new call to action. The video “The Story of a People led by the Spirit” brought alive the Congregation story from Edmund Rice through successive Chapters to the present.

What followed was a lively and honest feedback session. The burning issues included the rich Congregation history with ups and downs …  throughout which transformation has happened. Another big issue was the importance of education in the West African context and how evangelization might be integrated. The question was raised as to how much consultation happened during the creation of the Proposition and OWITF. The group valued the opportunity for open dialogue now during this programme. The Brothers expressed heartfelt thanks to Peter for spending time with them and listening so openly to their questions and concerns.

Sunday saw Brothers heading to all corners of Bo to join different parish communities for the Eucharist. Some later enjoyed the start of the Premier League with locals in town and the chance to support their team. In the evening the Liguori community prepared a delicious meal for all.

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