Generative Listening and Speaking

Day three was devoted to the skills required to use Theory U effectively.  David explained the seven principles of generative listening:

  • Slow down and be present
  • Pay attention to the words of the people
  • Pay attention to the words and images used by the speaker
  • Become aware of their feelings
  • Suspend judgements
  • Seek clarification by asking questions
  • Pay attention to your own feelings.

Donal then went on to explain the four stages of generative speaking or responding.

  • Say what you heard
  • Say what has been triggered as you listened
  • Say what you don’t fully understand
  • Say what you found missing in the other person’s talking

Donal formed a ‘fish bowl’ of Brothers who tried to put generative listening and responding into practice.  Finally, the group broke in groups of four to practise some generative speaking and responding.

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