Immersion in Kabwe

Its now a month and a week since we came to Kabwe community,the Central part of Zambia.  As  newly professed brothers, Leo, Peter, Joseph and Ackim we acknowledge the fact that we were well received by the members of the community that includes Brs. Seamus, John McCourt, Brian, Moses, Emmanuel  and later on Br. Bonaventure joined us.

I must confess that ongoing formation is taking place in our community, during daily recreation, community prayers, and whenever we have community meetings we grow by challenging each other with love. Eucharist and spiritual reading has been helpful in nourishing  our faith. In community we have been listening to each other and to know one another as brothers of Edmund Rice and Jesus.

We minister at Missionaries of Charity community school. The school consists of grade one up to grade four, thereafter the children are send to Government schools where they will proceed. We report at school around 7.30am just after mass which is at 6.30am. At school we start with the rosary before the first class and we have mid-day prayers before we continue with the last part of the classes which finishes at 15.00 hrs. Within the school compound there is an orphanage, hospital and feeding programme.We also take part in feeding programme during break and lunch time.

We are touched with the generosity of Missionaries of Charity sisters, since we came here we have experienced compassion and the power of love and we thank them for providing us with tea and lunch. In community we have been listening to each other and continue to know one another as  brothers of Edmund Rice and Jesus Christ.

 Ackim Lubinda Simasiku

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