Immersion in North East India











PIC: David & Romeo at an Adivasi Wedding

Being with the Adivasis and the Bodos for a fortnight each, has been for me a very enriching experience. Sent two by two, living with families in their houses, visiting local schools, walking/cycling to villages close by in order to meet as many people/ families as we could, partaking in their generosity as we shared a meal or a cup of tea,  listening to them as they shared about their lives, praying with them, observing the many things that were happening… all this and so much more is what I feel I am  so blessed to have experienced over the last month.

Seeing how people work so hard and struggle for the little they have and how they are so happy,  generous and open hearted, has been something that has touched me deeply. Their simplicity, trust and contentment is what I hope to make a part of my life as we begin our  month of immersion with the Khasi people. 











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