Language Learning course enters the second week

PIC: The language teacher, Ms Alma Syiem in conversation with the tutors Sr Nelia, Ms Marylin and Sr Gemima.

23rd Oct  : MONDAY:

The day began with a beautiful morning prayer conducted by Jockey and Bipin. The theme “Hunger & Thirst”, drew us to look within ourselves, into our own hunger and thirst.

The morning session up till lunch went into learning words that contained the vowel “e”.  Sentences were also taught and the brothers were made to read passages from the book they were using, so that they would learn how to pronounce the words correctly.

In the afternoon, prayers were read from the Khasi prayer book, the “Lynti Bneng”, and the brothers then learnt hymns to be sung for Mass.  

24th Oct : TUESDAY:

David & Arvind conducted the morning prayer, where the brothers reflected on God within, constantly calling us to union. The brothers remembered Br. Dermot Barrett who would have celebrated his 90th birthday today. In a particular way, Dermot was remembered as one who lived this mystical union with God and always was passionate about wanting his brothers and those he met, to experience the same.

The morning session went into learning some Grammar – framing sentences, nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, articles, prepositions and conjunctions.

In the afternoon, the brothers went into their set groups where the morning class work was revised, and they spent time practicing reading as well as reciting prayers that they had been learning. 

25th Oct : WED:

Roshan and Romeo conducted the prayer service this morning, beginning with a line from Rumi; “The wound is the place where light enters”. The brothers reflected on their own woundedness, as places where God continues to manifest Godself.

The morning session was devoted to knowing more about Khasi Culture. Some of the things that were spoken of were the role of the Welsh Missionaries, the entry of Christianity among the Khasis, Umtyrkhang village and it surroundings, festivals and so on.

Being a Wednesday, the afternoon onwards was free.

26th Oct : THU:

The morning began with the Lectio Divina conducted by Willie and Edwin. The passage that the brothers reflected on was the one in which Jesus speaks of casting fire on this earth. The brothers shared on what they felt the invitation of God was to each of them in the light of the passage.

The morning session was devoted in doing words which have the vowels “I” and “U” and making sentences using these words.

In the afternoon the brothers went into their set groups where the morning class work was revised.  Brothers also revised prayers that they have been learning. 

27th Oct : FRI:

Placid led the morning prayer, based on the first reading of today – inviting us to look at Jesus just as St. Paul did, when he faced the limitations of his human nature.

In the first half of the morning session, a few lessons were taught, in which the brothers once again came across new words. In the second half of the morning, the brothers were given the opportunity to ask questions regarding words, sentences and any other question to do with the learning of the Khasi language.

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