Leadership and Journeying Together


The week began with a prayer on the theme of ‘leadership’ to open the two-day workshop on the same theme:  Leadership.  David Gibson invited the Brothers to identify the various roles of leadership and to discriminate between the role of the leader to achieve specific goals, and to animate a team to achieve these goals.  He based the first day’s workshop on the writings of George Kohlrieser whose book Care to Dare highlights the dual role of the leader, viz. to appreciate and support those he works with, and to maintain a vision of where the group needs to go.  In other words, David highlighted the importance of keeping an eye on the group task and the group process.

Kohlrieser identifies four types of leaders:  the courageous leader, the control freak, the pleaser and the frightened leader.  During the day, the Brothers explored these types of leaders, and discussed the way the followers respond to each type.

David encouraged the Brothers to identify how they practiced leadership during the Orientation Programme, and to find specific examples of when they found themselves in each of the quadrants.  He emphasized the importance to being in Adult when faced with each of the leadership styles instead to reacting to each style from a Child ego state. 

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