Learning Transactional Analysis for Community Living


    The following story by Schopenhauer formed the basis for the morning prayer wherein the Brothers were challenged to work at forming joyful communities.

     “A troop of porcupines is milling about on a cold winter’s day.  In order to keep from freezing, the animals move closer together.  Just as they are close enough to huddle, however, they start to poke each other with their quills.  In order to stop the pain, they spread out, lose the advantage of commingling, and again begin to shiver.  This sends them back in search of each other, and the cycle repeats as they struggle to find a comfortable distance between entanglement and freezing.”

     The workshop on TA continue where the Brothers reflected on how the various ego states form the basis of our behaviour in community.  They then went on to learn how the parental influences both unconsciously and consciously impact on how the child will behave.  Brothers also had a chance to get feedback from one other as to how they lived the Parent Adult and Child ego state paradigm.  This proved to be very valuable in helping Brothers further reflect on how they lived in community.  Overall, a very helpful day.

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