The Locations of the new communities

PIC: Ruvan today shared the story of how the locations for the new communities were chosen.

The morning prayer honoured Roshan Kerketta whose birthday falls on this day. Following morning prayer, Ruvan Rebello gave a very good presentation of the four phases that were employed in eventually choosing the sites at Patharlynden, Umtyrkhang (mission communities) and Nongpoh (Hub community). The phases were:

1. Identification of the State/s in which the cluster will be established
2. Identification of a grouping of Districts within the chosen State/s in which the cluster will be established
3. Identification of the sites for the five communities
4. Identify and acquire 5 community houses (rent or build)

What was impressive in the whole process was the engagement of the local people in the areas when the communities are to be situated. It was also notable the level of consultation that took place with all the stakeholders. The mountain of documentation attested to the level of detailed planning that went into this process. This was truly an exercise in community engagement.

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