Preparation in Glenburn

PIC: Phil Grundy and Sean McManus being missioned by Leonard, Peter and Richard Walsh on behalf of the Oceania Province

For the past 8 days Phil Grundy and Sean McManus have been guests of the Glenburn Ecology and Spirituality Centre community where they have been on retreat preparing to enter the Orientation Program in Nairobi for the next three months.

During the retreat they were ably assisted and led by Geoff Whitefield who opened up for them reflection on the spirituality of displacement and Peter Hay who led them in reflecting on coming to a new land and a new place in life. When I arrived this week both Phil and Sean expressed appreciation for the time they had spent together and re-connecting after their Together As One Experience which they had done together at The Archer mountain community last year.

I kept wondering about the Mystery that keeps inviting … beckoning forward. Phil and Sean are attending to their journey of life and aware of their capabilities at this stage of their life to respond realistically. So we gathered around them, Leonard Sheahan, Peter Ellis, Richard Walsh and me to mission them onwards on behalf of the Oceania Province on Tuesday night. Afterwards we experienced the delightful food of the Yea Hotel and shared a meal and blessing together. “Safari njema” Phil and Sean to Nairobi and beyond.

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