Preparing for the Visit

At morning prayer on Tuesday, February 20, Brother Moy Hitchen asked the Brothers to consider God´s word, its efficacy and life within us: how had God´s word touched us and moved us in these recent weeks of study together?

Our professors, Mr. Fine Nasilele and Philip Kaunda, moved us to a consideration of a well-thought-out visit to a community (and indeed, the Advanced Skills Training group will visit a community next week, an immersion to give us a real taste of actual community engagement): we visit to learn from the community; to help the community identify its strengths and concerns, its hopes and resources; and to build up relationships with the community.  We hope to mobilize the community and build a common dream together.  We hope to self-assess our actual state of things, and then prioritize and plan.  We hope to act on our plans and measure our progress.

The AST students then divided into two groups, first to work individually on our own personal dream for “our village,” then to put our dreams together into a common village dream.  One group presented its plan, called “Limulunga in 2022,” which featured the five Brothers´ dream for a new, useable road between Limulunga and the larger town, Mongu, for an educational system that had sufficient secondary and technical schools, and for a farming regimen in which all families had sufficient food.

The second group´s vision included a dream for that same new road, a road that would help to develop agriculture in the area and provide jobs, especially with an eye to involving youth.

Chuck Fitzsimmons

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