Project Cycle Management

The ten Christian Brothers studying in the Advanced Skills Training program gathered on Monday morning, February 5, to begin a week´s investigation of Project Cycle Management, directed by Ms. Mapala Nkonkomalimba, a consultant with wide experience in the development and implementation of projects.  After a morning prayer led by Brothers Joseph Kapalu and Emmanuel Allieu, Ms. Mapala distributed folders and launched into an explanation of the stages of the development, implementation and evaluation of projects.  It is the case that the future of Christian Brother ministry on the margins of society will be tied to projects written by the Brothers and their collaborators, and funded by agencies and organizations that increasingly demand a clear concept, workable strategies and a clear set of results for the monetary support they offer.  It behooves the Brothers, therefore, to understand the required procedures that will fund their future ministries with people made poor.

Ms. Mapala explained how project funding has evolved over the years, from acceptance by funders in the past of a generalized set of activities, to the modern demand for results-based planning.  Requests for projects can no longer be based on trustworthy religious offering hoped-for accomplishments, but must now must demonstrate a thorough process of thinking through a recognized series of steps and stages leading to specific outcomes and long term impact.  Modern donors seek value for the monies they put forward for solicited projects.

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