Reporting from Ndei Liwa program

PIC: Fr. Paul Turay presenting the workshop on Conflict Management

Days 11, 12 (18 & 19 August)

There was an excitement in the group as the vehicles set off for the Integration Day. Everyone knew that the purpose of the day was for each participant to have some hours of silence to put together the rich experiences of the program so far. Half the group went to the nearby Brothers community in Kebbie Town in Bo. The other half went to the Brothers house in the village of Blama.

Both groups were welcomed by the resident Brothers who were careful to give the visiting Brothers the quiet space they needed. Each group had the services of a local priest for spiritual direction. Brothers took the opportunity to work at their journals, read over notes from the workshops and to pray. When it was over all enjoyed a meal prepared by the local Brothers and headed back to the Formation Centre in Bo.

The Formation House community hosting the Ndei Liwa programme consists not only of Brothers Augustine and Jojo, but also includes Jenehba the cook and Fadiru, the groundsman and caretaker. Their cheerful presence and hard work contribute enormously to the life of all.

Sunday saw Brothers heading out for Eucharist in local parishes. That evening one community prepared a tasty meal.


Days 13 &14 (20 & 21 August)

Fr. Paul Turay SDB, with the support of his brother – Bro. Victor SBD – talked us through Conflict Management/Resolution for one and a half days. They were both very practical in their approach, using their lived experiences to convey their message. The sessions were quite interactive and the brothers were fully involved in their respective group activities. The workshop ended in a Eucharist with some lively local music led by the participant Brothers choir.

As Tuesday was the feast of Eid Al Adha and a national holiday in Sierra Leone we had a half day. That evening we bad farewell to David who was to return to Nairobi the next morning. He made a great contribution to the programme.





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