Tamale Institute for Cross-cultural Studies

Today Fr. Joshua, SVD, from TICCS returned to further his input on enculturation in Ghana.  He brought with him two members of NORAAC – Awal and Kawusada.  Their presentation focused on poverty in Northern Ghana and the impact it is having on development.  Services, schools and roads have been developed in the South but the North is still far behind.  He highlighted that the major reasons come from colonial policies.  Collusion by police, government officials and corrupt businesses keep people in the North from benefiting from local wealth. High birth rate and low literacy are two other factors that play a part especially on the girl child.  Other cultural practices also work to keep people poor.

Awal and Kawusada highlighted the need to define poverty and the ways to reduce it.  Even though Awal is fairly well off, he is considered poor in the community because he has only one wife.  Their outreach is to women and youth and focus on four areas:  sexual and reproductive health; gender issues; livelihood and education.


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