TST in Shillong

PIC: Donal and Francis enjoying an aerial view of Shillong.

Members of TST have been arriving in Shillong to form community in the MIQ Juvenate house. We are most grateful to the Province Leadership Team for making this house available to us for the year. It is our third location in three years! Five members have now moved in and we keenly await the arrival of Chris Meehl from Australia. Ruvan was the pioneer in setting up the house, working on the refurbishment of the kitchen with the local carpenters, electrician and plumbers and numerous other jobs around the house. The kitchen is now the scene for TST-style home-cooking.

We are most grateful to our nearest neighbours, the Brothers on the St Edmund’s campus. We have received great help in settling in and look forward to shared times ahead. We were particularly happy to join the Brothers in hosting local Religious on February 2nd to celebrate the day for Consecrated Life.

TST work goes on apace with some exciting developments and challenges. We are busy with arrangements for Brothers coming to the Cluster Preparation Programme, which starts in April here in Shillong at the Pastoral Centre.

We spent the last three days in highly engaging conversations with four members of the Indian Province Leadership Team. We very much missed Steve Fernandes who is recovering from recent illness. We got on well with the challenging business of planning for the new Cluster of Christian Brothers’ communities in Meghalaya. We covered many issues … purchase of land and construction of houses, the possible personnel structures for the new Cluster, drawing from the learnings from the Zambia cluster, and the financing of the whole project in India. Whilst a lot of work remains to be done we found a great spirit of trust and willingness to work together which gave us all hope. Words from our final morning prayer capture the spirit well:

“Go! Just Go! Go with my power. Risk the road, risk the work. Go! I will be with you. What else do you need?” Lk 9:6


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