Understanding Self and Others

PIC: Picture of the booklet prepared for the course on Transaction Analysis

    After a very reflective morning prayer, the Brothers began day two of the course on Understanding Self and Others.  The topics of Script and existential positions were completed and many Brothers interacted in some very valuable discussions on how to translate what they were learning in the workshop to the lived experience of the Orientation Program. 

    Following this part of the workshop, the concept of ego states was explored. Brothers were invited to reflect on their childhood experiences, and discover how the various ego states were formed.  By ego states we mean how the Parent, Adult and Child think, feel and behave at various moments in a person’s life.  More importantly, Brothers began to reflect on how life in community can be so affected by the way a person lives in their Parent, Adult and Child ego states.

      Increasingly, the workshop encourages the Brothers to understand the dynamics of the group as the OP program unfolds.  This understanding will contribute greatly to the formation of vibrant and cohesive communities.

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