Update on the Location search in India

Members of the PLT and TST have been engaged in the last few months working around different aspects of setting up of the new Cluster. Regarding the locations, the spot selected for the Hub community is a beautiful plot, along a stream in the village of Jyntru, 9 kms from Nongpoh, on the way to Shillong. This place is about 100 metres in from the Highway.

The first two mission Communities will be situated in Patharlyndan Village of Umkadhor Parish in West Khasi Hills District and in Umtyrkhang Village of Umsohlait Parish in Ri Bhoi District. All 3 of these locations are in the Shillong Archdiocese. In terms of distance from the Hub, they are each within 3 hours driving distance from Jyntru.

The Hub community land is about an acre and a half and has been purchased outright at a very reasonable price. Presently we are in the process of surveying and completing the land transfer documentation. We were involved in a slightly different process in acquiring the Mission Community properties. In both places, the village had identified at least 3 prime locations that they were ready to offer us and enthusiastic to have the Brothers there at the earliest. We have selected one property of those offered in each village and the village communities are going to be fencing and marking the boundaries in the next two weeks or so.

Both the Mission Community properties are part of local village community land and are being donated to the Brothers. A formal agreement is being signed between the Brothers and the Village to have its full use for as long as the Brothers stay in those villages. The Patharlyndan property is over an acre and is situated towards the edge of the village but with access to many other neighbouring villages and the Umtyrkhang property is less than an acre but is the absolute Centre of the Village.

Designs for the houses for the Hub and Mission Community are being finalised and Ruvan is supervising all the work on the ground in each of these locations. We are hoping to have the houses ready in time for the new communities to move into them in December 2017. With our best efforts we trust like Edmund that “the will of God be done in this and everything we undertake.”

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