What Does Vocation Mean for Us?

This week the morning prayer consisted of 20 minutes of centering prayer.

Then Diarmuid O Murchu began his workshop on Religious Life and the emerging spirituality. He began by asking the question, ‘What does vocation mean for us now?’  He went on to say that he believes that ministry is linked intimately to our identity and vocation, and that we are not monastics at home but rather people who seek our places at the margins where the needs are greatest.

He said that there is a crisis in the meaning of vocation ever since Vatican II stressed the universal call to holiness.  Now Religious Life needs to be a call to serve God and the world at the prophetic cutting edge.  Thus, we need to see what the charism of Edmund Rice means for the 21st century.

Later in the day, he focused on the charism, stating that we need to reinterpret the charism to respond to the needs of today’s world with vitality and creativity.  Hence, the apostolic outcome of a contemporary response may be totally different from  the established traditional response.

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