Workshop on Edmund Rice Part II

The morning prayer introduced a video where Philip Pinto talked about the changes in the Congregation and the call to solidarity with the people made poor.  Such an inspiring message!

Then Chris presented the video of The Story of a People Led by the Spirit, which had been commissioned by way of preparation to present Journeying Together to all the Brothers in the Congregation.

Following the video, some Brothers shared their experience of life in the Congregation prior to Vatican II, and how the Council had changed the culture of Religious Life.

There followed a lively conversation on the video where Brothers began to see the message of Journeying Together as a challenge to change.

The second session of the morning was directed by Francis Hall where he situated the life of Edmund Rice within the Universe Story, identifying some of the key elements of evolution as they applied to the life of Edmund Rice.

The afternoon session was concerned with bringing the learnings of the previous days to a unified whole and giving space for the Brothers to share the impact that the life of Edmund Rice has on their individual lives.

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