27th August to 30 August: Working on the Five-Year Business Plan with Fiona Gallagher.

Fiona Gallagher is a business consultant who has worked with the Christian Brothers when they were planning the establishment of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust. She has also worked with other religious Congregations in their planning strategies.

August/September: The criteria for state and site for second cluster is reviewed.

Part of this review entailed consultation with the Province Leadership Team in India and also with other religious who have been involved in working in areas of poverty and injustice.

August – October: Donal, Declan and Ruvan work in the Western Province to source housing for new communities.

The challenge is to find adequate accommodation for the communities. This may involved temporary accommodation or may necessitate building afresh. However, the building will only take place when and if the newly formed communities think it necessary. Then, they can plan what sort of accommodation would be appropriate.

6th September: Ceremony of Welcome, 3pm in ISC, Lusaka.

This ceremony includes a choir of young people from the local parish who will sing and act out the theme of Exodus. It should be a moving event. Religious from the Lusaka area and those involved in preparation of the Orientation Program will join us for this ceremony.

7th Sept to 12 December: First Orientation Program held in ISC, Lusaka.

Up to thirty Brothers will participate in this fourteen-week program. Most of the Brothers who will attend the course are from Africa, but there are also six Brothers from India, one from Canada and one from Ireland. One of the Indian Brothers and the Canadian Brother have been working in Africa for many years.

September: Invitation letter for the Second Cluster.

The invitation will be addressed to Brothers of all Provinces, and we hope that Brothers from around the world will consider joining the second cluster which will be in India.

September: Donal to attend Sustainability Meeting in Rome.

The meeting of our partners in seeking funding will meet to examine how best to support the work of Our Way into the Future.

November: Ruvan to attend Finance Meeting in Rome.

Increasingly, it has become very important to manage funding for the OWITF projects, as well as projects in all parts of the Congregation.

December:  The State(s) in India for the 2nd Cluster is discerned.

The process of choosing which State will host the 2nd Cluster will involve both the Province Leadership Team in India, as well as a select group of Brothers who will research which State to choose. Eventually, the TST will collate the findings and make a decision in light of the research.

December:  David, Declan and Donal to attend Indian Assembly.

The members of the TST are looking forward to attend the Indian Assembly as they reflect on essential elements of Consecrated Life .

January 11th to March 22nd 2016: Language School for Brothers of new communities.

The Brothers will be given an eleven-week course in Silozi, the language of Western Province. Speaking the language of the people will be the medium through which Community Engagement will operate.

January/February 2016: Sunil, Ruvan, Francis and Declan travel to India to prepare setting up of second Cluster.

The TST will move their centre of action to India, while David and Donal will stay in Western Province, Zambia to oversee the progress of the first cluster of communities.