The Transition Support Team (TST) comprises six Christian Brothers who have been appointed by the Congregation Leadership Team (CLT) to establish twenty new communities in the developing world.

Br Sunil Britto is from India and has spent many years teaching in the Christian Brothers schools in India, particularly in Gujarat and Shillong. He was the community leader of the community in Shillong before being appointed to the TST.

Br David Gibson is from Ireland. He was a member of the Congregation Leadership Team in Rome and before that he was Province Leader in Ireland. He lived for ten years in Rome, teaching at Marcantonio Colonna.

Br Francis Hall is from England. Br Francis was most recently a member of the Congregation Leadership Team in Rome. Before that he was involved in the Congregation Renewal Team that travelled throughout the Congregation to promote the spirituality of the Brothers.

Br Donal Kirk is from Ireland and has spent thirty-five years in Zambia during which time he taught in our schools. He was a member of the Zambia District Leadership Team and has offered many workshops on various aspects of religious life.

Br Chris Meehl is from Australia and has been on the leadership team in Oceania. He joined the TST on the resignation of Br Declan Power.  He has particular skill in the area of finance and is currently supporting the cluster in Zambia.

Br Ruvan Rebello is from India and has spent some years working in among the rural poor of India in Meghalaya and Arunachal. He recently made his Final Profession as a member of the Christian Brothers.

The TST was appointed in 2014 after the CLT had embarked on a process of reflection on the spirituality of the Christian Brothers and had developed a new vision for the Brothers. The CLT invited the membership of the Congregation to discover a bigger God who was larger than the confines of our traditional beliefs. As they began to explore this new spirituality, they could see that people made poor needed to be at the heart of their concerns. This led to the formation of the TST and the creation of Our Way into the Future.